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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hari Jabatan Penjara Malaysia 2009

Firstly, congratulations to Puan upon receiving the Pingat Bakti Setia Jabatan Penjara Malaysia in conjunction with Hari Penjara Malaysia 2009. All 3 of us went together with Im, Fina and Faz. It was a grand occation with all the shing-ding. The was the inspection of the guard of honour, a anti terrorist demo by the UKP's,brass band,awards ceremony.Um was the only uni who got the award: 1 was to Puan, the other to CERIA (a centre located just outside PJ gate which focuses on AIDS research, or something to that effect).

We have the design for our new t-shirts. If eveything goes well, we should get them early Dec, just in time for our trips. As of 1100 today, it will be in royal blue with silver letterings. Special thanx to our frens in Kajang for the designs.

Updates on our activities for the next few months.

i)Confirmed participants for our trips:-

1) Songkla (7-10 Dec):- Im, Faz, Fina, Dell, Mya, Amy, Eha & Kar Yee. Dr Suhana & I will be attending as well

2) China (10-14th Dec or thereabouts): Jeanette & Stella. Puan will be going. It will be freezing so bring out the winter clothing. And don't forget lip balm

ii) Our Vietnam trip will be, insyaallah, from the 2nd -4th of Dec. I think Puan wants around 4-6 students to go. Participants to be comfirmed.

iii) We will be heading to Taman Sri Putri, Batu Gajah sometime in January.It's a girls institution. So far, Puan wants to send 1st years.How many seniors who will be going is negotiable.

That's all for now.