Community Outreach Program

Faculty of Law, University of Malaya

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Howdy folks.....

The semester break will come to an end in 3 days....
I hope you had a good break..I know I had..
And now it's back to work (and books) for all of us

Just some updates....

Since it's the new session, we have to train our new recruits..
Hence, our 1st workshop for the new members will be on 17/7
And on the same day will be our 1st visit to Kajang....
For this trip, it will be games and games only....
But before that, we most probably will have our 1st school visit for the year ie on the 16th (pending confirmation)

The weekend after that (23-25/7) was suppose to be our BIG outside-campus workshop
but due to circumstances, it looks like the workshop is postponed to a later date...
possible venues are Cameron Highlands, Port Dickson, Melaka...and maybe the East Coast
but this time members are required to pay unless of course you can raise funds.....

And like before, our next Kajang trip will be on 31/7.


See you folks on Monday!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

CLE/COP survey

Dear members,

I'm sorry to interrupt your holidays.Puan Asnida and I need your help.

We are doing a research on CLE/COP, in particular, its effect on students.It won't take long to complete.We do hope you can help us out.

you can access the survey at the url below

tqvm in advance!

see you guys in a month!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

UM-UP Workshop

Howdy folks...

It has been a long time since this page is updated.

We just got back from Jakarta. I was there, as were 7 other staff members, for a conference whilst Puan Norbani and Puan Asnida + 6 COP members were there for the workshop. I guess the workshop went on well. From what I saw, the UP students were very much into it. And yes, they will be coming to UM in July for the exchange student programme.

Here's a video made by Hisyam. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some updates-23/3/2010

Firstly, congrats to the new board. I hope you guys do a good job throughout your tenure. And to the old board, thanx a million for a job well done. You guys served well.

So, here's the new board:-

Director: Stella Jelica Joseph
D.Director: Wan Amira Ruzaini (Mya)
Secretary: Nor Hafizah (Fiza)
Treasurer: Nurul Shafiqah (Ieqa)

(I might get the post all mixed up but that's basically it-the all gurl HICOM for 2010/2011)

Now for some activity update:

Our last visit for this session will be to Kajang on the 3rd of April than everyone is off for the exams and holidays....

But, on the 12th of April, COP will play host to the visiting PSU students. So to the members who are involved, have fun...but remember, hard work always comes before fun and games...

If luck permits, we will also bring some students to Pancasila Uni for a workshop (it's gonna be like the PSU trip). This trip will be either late May or early June. We are planning to bring at least 4 students. Siapa? haven't actually decided. Just wait and see. And to reciprocate, we might be sending some students to PSU as well-when, who to be decided

The Chiangmai internship will go on as usual. I think 6 students have been chosen to go this time: Effah, Jihah,Butter, Aliah, Henry and ...sapa yea?

Anything else?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3rd COP AGM...

Our 3rd AGM will be on Friday, 19/03/2010.....

So datanglah beramai-ramai, vote your new HICOM....

Btw, Puan might want to meet all members on make sure you are present


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

25/2/2010 tarikh yg menggembirakan

The 25th of February 2010 is a date to be remembered...
It was the day 'our boys' were given a new lease of life....
The day I saw tears and endless joy in the faces I have come to know quite well from the 3 yrs we have visited them......
Gone were the expressionless faces we always see in SIK....
In its place were smiles so sweet....

Thank you to all members who supported the boys throughout our programme...
To members who listened to their problems....
For just being there.....

Let's head out there on the 26th of March and give them our never ending support...
To let them know we will still be their friends...

Kepada ahli-ahli C.O.P yang kata nak pergi tapi tak pergi, saya cuma boleh kata, ruginya kamu tak pergi....peluang yang datang sekali seumur hidup telah dilepaskan begitu saja

Kepada anda-anda yang berkenaan, tabahkan hati menghadapi 3 minggu yang akan datang ini....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aktiviti COP Jan-Feb 2010

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera, Salam Tahun Baru dan Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hari ini merupakan hari ketiga Tahun Harimau dan hari keempat cuti mid-sem. Semua tengah bercuti sakan tapi jangan lupa jaga diri.

Ok. Aktiviti COP sepanjang bulan Januari dan Februari setakat ini.

Biasalah. Kajang. Tapi ada dua aktiviti baru yang telah dijalankan:-

1) Lawatan ke Taman Sri Putri Batu Gajah, Perak pada 6 Februari

- seramai 36 educators telah mengikuti lawatan ini yang sepatutnya bermula pada jam

10 pagi tetapi akibat kesilapan teknikal telah bermula pd jam 12tghari. Topic of discussion:

intent of the Law and matters related to employment. We left the Faculty at 7am and got
back at 9pm. Yeap, it was a long day but what a good day it was. As usual, there were
sentimental moments, some shed tears but overall, it was a good visit. Insyaallah,we will
have another visit sometime soon. Terima kasih kepada 'abe-abe' driver yg menunjukkan
kesabaran tahap maksima dgn perangai kami-kami yang pelbagai. Tanpa mereka, agaknya perjalanan pergi dan balik takkan berjalan lancar.

2) Aktiviti di SMK Taman SEA pada 8 Februari.

Taman SEA was a different challenge altogether. We were given students from Form 4 and 5
which was divided into 2 sessions, each sessions with its own pros and cons. Topic of discussion was law of theft.The Form Five students were wonderful and paid more attention

but the Form Four students, was a different story altogether (I can't say much abt them since
I left just as the session was starting)

Aktiviti akan datang:-

1) Kajang. Again. And again.

2) SRK Sri Petaling pd 5 Mac - Puan mahukan hanya 10 educators yg merangkumi Im(leader of
group 1), Henry(leader of group 2),Izzat and, kalau dia tak busy dgn moots, Iggy. Kalau boleh,
utamakan pelajar thn 2 dan 3 with some 1st yrs as well.

3) I think, somewhere in March we will be having another session in another school. Can't
remember when and which school. Will update later.

4) And I also think there will be some visits as well. Let's just pray it will come through.

So, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays to all.